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Member Benefits


In order to be a member of VMTA, one must also belong to MTNA, the national organization. A variety of events, grants, and scholarships provide ways for the individual teacher to pursue professional growth offered jointly as well as separately. A Collegiate membership is available at a reduced rate and offers similar options for those enrolled in music programs at the baccalaureate and graduate level. Students of members can be entered in activities and competitions at the state, regional and national level. Explore the MTNA website here.

Professional Certification

MTNA offers a process for becoming a "Nationally Certified Teacher of Music". VMTA has a person who works with candidates as they achieve the requirements outlined in the MTNA handbook. For more information check the MTNA Certification page.


State and National Conventions

Vermont holds a biennial state convention with a guest clinician. Competitive student auditions are held at this time to select representatives for Eastern District MTNA Competitions. In alternating years, Vermont joins New Hampshire,Maine and Massachusetts for "Quad State Convention". Along with clinicians and recitals, each state presents their "Commissioned Composer" who will go on to compete at the national level. MTNA holds a national convention yearly, open to all members. See more details for upcoming events on the Events menu above.


Scholarships and Grants for Professional Development

The MTNA Foundation offers scholarships and grants to members in several areas of professional development. For more information please visit the MTNA Foundation webpage and/or look for descriptions, forms and submission dates in the American Music Teacher publication.

Organized Student Activities

VMTA offers a yearly festival with student evaluations. Students have presented performances at South Burlington's University Mall to share music and raise money for a non-profit organization that supports children in Vermont. VMTA competitions for performance and composition offer the opportunity for winners to go on to regional and national competitions. A local association offers a popular Monster Concert biennially. More details can be found on the Events menu, above.


Local Workshops

Local groups of teachers and VMTA offer occasions to present/attend/discuss topics such as pedagogy, student composition, music history and more.


Additional Benefits

Membership in MTNA includes a subscription to American Music Teacher, a magazine that features articles helpful in pedagogy, studio management, wellness, etc...along with an online journal of additional professional articles. The VMTA and its affiliate community organizations publish newsletters. These provide local information such as repertory lists, teacher guidelines, and student applications for events. Through the national site, members can access links to student activities and aids, group insurance options, copyright information, and other professional resources and assistance.  


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