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Regional Events


Eastern Division Competitive Auditions -  Beginning with the 2018–2019 Competition year, the MTNA Division Competitions will be a video-only round. Contact a member of the Board of DIrectors or visit the competitions section of the MTNA website for more details.

Quad-State Convention - In alternating years, Vermont joins New Hampshire,Maine and Massachusetts for this event. Along with clinicians and recitals, each state may present their "Commissioned Composer" who will go on to compete at the national level. This conference is usually relevant to teachers of all instruments and voice and offers something meaningful to teachers at ALL levels.

​The next Quad-State Convention will be held in Vermont in 2023.

Details and registration information can be found in the Events Calendar and in the VMTA Newsletter in the months preceding the event.

Commissioned Composer 2021 - Noah Marconi, the 2021 Vermont Commissioned Composer, performed Sonata for Cello and Piano for the October 2021 Quad-State event held in Saco, Maine. A video of his performance is available at this link.

Commissioned Composer 2019 - Dennis Bathory-Kitsz, the 2019 Vermont Commissioned Composer, presented Fugue States for the October 2019 Quad-State event held in Beverley, MA. Program notes available at this link.

Commissioned Composer 2017 - David Gunn, the 2017 Vermont Commissioned Composer, presented Streams of Conscience at the October 2017 Quad-State event held in Concord, NH. Listen at this link.

Commissioned Composer 2015 - Pierre Jalbert, the 2015 Vermont Commissioned Composer, presented Preludes at the October 2015 Quad-State event held in Winooski, VT. Listen at this link.

Commissioned Composer 2013 - Diane Huling, the 2013 Vermont Commissioned Compser, presented La Pastora Fida at the October 2013 Quad-State event in Gorham, Maine. Listen at this link.

Previous Commissioned Composer History





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