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Teacher Resources


Find Teacher Resources offered by MTNA by following links in LEARN starting here.

Also see Opportunities, Notices for more resources for students.

Online Tools for Teaching and Learning

Noteflight Learn

VMTA subscribes to online music notation software that can inspire and liberate you and your students.
Noteflight Learn is an online system for teachers to develop lesson content for composition, theory, and performance, for example, and for students to explore composing, sharing, and collaborating as part of their music study.  The Noteflight Learn program includes these standard features:

  • Accessible on any device

  • A private community for secure communication and collaboration

  • Unlimited groups for organizing classes and ensembles

  • Activity templates for assignments

  • Perform mode for listening to and performing along with selected parts of a score

  • Discussion and assignment forums for communication and assessment

  • Record live audio into scores

  • Fully compliant with COPPA


The current VMTA NoteflightLearn site includes Content libraries for various Ensembles, Teaching Collections for Composition, Solos, Sight-Reading, Pop, Chorales, Piano, and Guitar, as well as the “Essential Elements” collections for Band and Orchestra. There is access to thousands of digital scores of the most popular repertoire from today’s publishers of teaching material.  


Students can choose to participate in Online Mentoring, working with professional composers to improve their compositions. This fee-based feature can include performance opportunities.


As part of your VMTA membership, you and your enrolled students have access to the program from home, school, your studio, the public library – anywhere and anytime. As a registered user, the version of Noteflight you receive is their “premium” editor, a $49 yearly subscription value if purchased individually. You and your students can complete lesson templates or create unlimited, brand-new compositions. You can edit, playback, print, share, record, and export as audio or other file formats.


Look for details and resources at the following links: 


Noteflight Learn

Links for Noteflight Learn Tutuorials

Noteflight Learn Webinars

Contact Sarah Williams or complete and send the Enrollment Form on the VMTA website page for Teacher Resources.

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