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"Noteflight Learn" Online Tools for Teaching and Learning

VMTA subscribes to online music notation software that can inspire and liberate you and your students. Noteflight Learnis an online system for teachers to develop lesson content for composition, performance, and theory (for example), and for students to explore composing, sharing, and collaborating as part of their music study. It is private and COPPA-compliant, and it has features for transcription, recording, and performance assessment. It also gives access to more than 84,000 scores that can be copied or edited for use by or with students.

If you would like to get started on learning the basic navigation of the Noteflight program, you can set up a free individual account at noteflight<dot>com<slash>plans. Each free Noteflight Basic account provides the user with many of the features also found in Noteflight Learn. Tutorial videos for Noteflight Basic are available by searching your browser. Also explore the support<dot>noteflight<dot>com center. The additional features that can be especially useful to teachers are available in Noteflight Learn. Read more about these excellent tools at noteflight<dot>com. Tutorials for Noteflight Learn are available here.

As part of your VMTA membership, you and your enrolled students have access to the program from home, school, your studio, the public library – anywhere and anytime. As a registered user, the version of Noteflight you re­ceive is their “premium” editor, a $49 yearly subscription value if purchased individually. You and your students can complete lesson templates or create unlimited, brand-new compositions. You can edit, playback, print, share, record, and export as audio or other file formats.

Contact Sarah Williams or complete and send the Enrollment Form as found on the Teachers Resources page of the VMTA website.

- Sarah Williams, May 2, 2023


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